JLM Contest: Win a Japanese SOUVENIR JACKET!

Here’s your chance to win a premium Japan souvenir jacket from Japan Lover Me Store!

If you do not have a sukajan yet, then this is your chance to own one! We would like to give everybody to have a chance to own his / her dream sukajan from our 3 choices available. However, to those who have one already, then this is your chance to show off your best coordinate and share with the world your sukajan style! This contest is OPEN WORLDWIDE!

So if you do not have one, you can always get creative!

Get an id photo or selfie of yours. Browse through our website and ready your printer. Choose a sukajan design and print it. Create a collage out of your photo, JLM sukajan, and other materials. The final output should reflect your personal style.

Hobonichi With Me | Japan Souvenir Jacket / Sukajan Giveaway 🇯🇵

If you’ve got mad skillz in photoshop and can manipulate the photos, here are some sample manipulations you can do in your entries then:

Feel free to include “back” versions of the sukajan jacket in your entries if you want to go the extra mile.

Please answer the the question- “What do I love about Sukajan?” or “Why I love the sukajan and want it badly“. Minimum of 3 sentences.

After 1 month, we will gather all entries submitted to our email and combine all of them in one album in our FB page and will publish the album for public voting for 1 week where you can get the votes of your friends to like your entry there.

After publishing for public casting of likes / votes for one week, we will choose the top 3 winners whom we will award the 1st place who will get to choose his or her free sukajan from the 3 choices. The 2nd winner is the one getting the new era sukajan cap and the 3rd place will win a mystery box from Japan Lover Me!

Ok folks, get ready for some fun with us!

The contest will follow the dates below:

  • Start of submission of entries : February 7, 2017
  • Deadline of submission of entries: March 8, 2017
  • Voting: March 9, 2017 to March 15, 2017
  • Announcement of winner: March 17, 2017

Detailed Contest Rules & Mechanics:

  1. Follow all instagram accounts: @japanloverme, @japanloverme.store, @japanese.sukajan, @sukajan.official, @japanese.wagara.gallery
    • When submitting the entry, you must tag all IG accounts above.
  2. Like the following official pages: Japan Lover Me, Japan Lover Me Store & Sukajan Cult
  3. Submit a creative collage, artwork, photo of you wearing a sukajan (does not have to be a sukajan from our store).
    1. If you own a sukajan, please upload a lit full body outfit photo on instagram while tagging the official ig accounts.
    2. If you do not have a sukajan, you may upload a creative collage (digital / traditional / mixed media art) of you wearing your dream sukajan.
  4. Answer in 3 sentences or more any of these questions- “What do I love about Sukajan?” or “Why I love the sukajan and want it badly” and include the answer in your caption.
  5. Don’t forget to put these hashtags on your entry captions: #JapanLoverMe #JapanLoverMeStore #JLMContest #Sukajan #SouvenirJacket #Giveaway
  6. For entry validation please email the following to japanloverme.store@gmail.com with title “[JLMContest Entry] – Name
    1. Real Name
    2. Age
    3. Country
    4. Instagram id
    5. Link to your entry (instagram)
  7.  Remember, no email = no entry

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is it okay to draw myself instead of using my own photo/s?
    • Yes, your entry is still acceptable! Feel free to be more creative by drawing. However, please use our required sukajan product photos when you make a collage.
  • Can I submit many entries? 
    • Yes, feel free to send many if you want. We will upload all submissions in one album. :)
  • Is this contest open worldwide?
    • Yes!

Criteria of Judgement

  1. Voting will be done the day after the deadline of submission.
  2. To vote: ask your friends to like your entry
    1. Creativity – 40%
    2. Essay –  40%
    3. Mass appeal – 20%
  3. Winners will be announced on our blog, facebook and instagram. The winner will be also notified via e-mail.
  4. Please note that we will not only base the winners on the number of likes (mass appeal – 20%).

Amazing Contest Prizes

  • Grand winner will win a sukajan. He / she can choose from any of these three: SK2247, SK2243 & SK2237
  • Runner-up will win a New Era sukajan cap that he / she prefers.
  • Third placer will receive a mystery box from JLM.

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